Becherfull Maschine

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Becherfull Maschine

CEM-2 model Becherfull Maschine

Cem-2 Model Becherfull Maschine: 3000 Cups / Hour

(depending on volume and filling viscosity)

Standart Model Machine Stations

  • Cup dropping
  • Filling station
  • Alu-lid placing ( pre-cuted lid )
  • Sealing
  • Dating
  • Exit conveyor

Technische Spezifikationen

CAPACITY 3.000 / per hour
CUP SIZE Max. 95 mm diameter plastic cups.
FILLING RANGE Min : 50 gr. , Max : 500 gr
DIMENSIONS 100 x 100 x 180 cm
WEIGHT 600 kg
PACKING Wooden Chest
PNEUMATICS Turkish and Europa brands
TENSION 380 Volt - 50 Hertz - 3 Phase
CHASSIS Machine is surrounded by flexi-glass
BODY AISI 304 SS Frame

The Becherfüller Maschinen Has Three Photocell Chek-Points

  • Photocell to control for filling if there is any cup or not. Thanks to this photocell system, the machine would not waste the product. If there is no cups, then the machine would not fill.
  • Photocell control for the aluminum lids if there is no cup or not, thanks to this system if there is no cup then machine would not waste the aluminum lids.
  • Photocell control for the sealing, thanks to this system, it checks if there is any aluminum lids on the cups or not, if there is no lids on the cups then the machine the cups will not reach the sealing unit and the machine stops.

Which products can fill with our Cem-2 Model cup filler ?

Natural yoghurt, fruit yoghurt, cream, fruit, marmalade, dressings, milk, cream cheese, pudding, ayran, salad margarine, honey, jam, pet food, quark, mayonnaise, jelly, butter, cosmetic creams, paste, mustard, soup, yogurt, Juice, water...

Which additional options are possible on the yoghurt cup filling sealing machine?

  • Laminar flow-HEPA filter unit
  • Second filling station for multiple products filling
  • Recipe placing between lid and cap
  • Cutting and sealing from roll lid
  • UV-light for cup and lid sterilization
  • CIP cleaning system
  • Servo Motor in Filling
  • Exit Turn Rotary table